Questions About Booking Phil
1. What types of events does Phil speak at?

Phil loves to speak at corporate events, men’s and women’s conferences, churches, fundraisers, festivals, camps, and golf tournaments. His passion is to help people bring joy back to life, to motivate business people to integrity and true success, and help audiences discover joy in life. 

2. Where does he travel?

Mostly in North America but overseas as well, depending on time and scheduling considerations.

3. What topics does Phil speak on?

Check a list of Phil’s topics here. His goal is to not only help people laugh, but help them continue to live in joy long after his speech is done.

4. Can I get a sample audio or video tape of his speaking?

You can listen to or view on-line samples here. If you would like a sample audio or DVD clip, let us know. 


5. Does Phil speak to small groups?

He accepts a limited number of small group engagements and enjoys this immensely (he’s a small town boy). However, his board wants to help steward his time, so mostly he speaks at larger venues. If you have a smaller group, we suggest you get together with other groups in your city or region to co-sponsor an event, or let us know what you're thinking.


6. What is his speaking fee?

It is flexible depending on numerous factors. The honorarium for each event is set in consultation with those Phil is accountable to.

7. Which airport does Phil fly out of?

The Calgary International Airport (YYC). Prior to extending a speaking invitation, you may want to check the flight availability and airfare to your area.

8. Does Phil accept speaking invitations on short notice?

Sometimes. We’ll do the best we can.

9. Does Phil sell his own product at the event?

Yes. Any one caught selling Phil's product after the event will be given a noogie.

10. Can Phil do a pre-event promotional phone interview with a local radio station?

Absolutely. Phil is happy to do whatever he can to support your promotional efforts. Contact us, and we will do our best to set up a time for Phil to be interviewed by your local radio station. If you need other ideas for promoting the event, just let us know.

Email Steve to find out about booking your event