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Laugh Again Radio

Laugh Again is a 5-minute daily feature aired on radio station in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and English-speaking Africa. It's designed to bring a shot of sunlight into listener's lives and encourage them in their walk with God. You can listen on air, online, or have an audiomail version sent for free to your Inbox. Just SUBSCRIBE here. Like us on Facebook. For more info, simply click the ancient microphone at the right (we're using newer technology, honest!). We're amazed at the popularity of this short program and thank you for your support. If you'd like to see it on a radio station near you, email Steve.

Broadcasters…Laugh Again is also available as a 1-minute feature. Phil's humor and insight will not just help your listeners laugh, they will challenge listeners with biblical truth to grow in their relationship with God, their family, and those they interact with. For information on airing this program contact Steve at 800.663.2425 or by email.

Like to see Phil's humor with a message on your local radio station, email Steve or call him at 800.663.2425.


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